Finally... off the plane!

Today was our first day in the land down under. We got a bit of a sneak peak to one of our future locations as we arrived in Sydney. Landing was a relief after being up in the air for for what felt like a full day. When the plane was preparing to land, we got to see the country for the first time and it was pretty amazing.

When we finally arrived in Brisbane, it was a quick bus trip from the airport to our hotel in the downtown business district. When we got up to our room, I was very impressed with the modern look and the views we had from our 11th floor balcony.

We finally got out to walk around and start exploring the city. Brisbane is so clean, modern, and very urban. We tried a popular Australian food selection - meat pies - which where very good as well as available at a great price. After a bite to eat we explored some more and went back to our rooms to get ready for a visit the next day at DiBella Coffee.

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