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Today started our journey to the land down under! We started off by meeting at Clarkson to catch a bus to the Ottawa airport. When the bus arrived, we were all surprised that the inside had leather seats. We were riding in style! After about an hour and a half we finally arrived in Ottawa. Here waited to board our first flight to Vancouver. This fight ended up being delayed 20 minutes but we all got on and had a pretty smooth flight.

We arrived in Vancouver later that night and then waited to board the next flight to Sydney. During our layover, many of us got some food to eat. This flight ended up being delayed as well. Instead of leaving at 11:30, we departed at 1 a.m. Everyone was pretty tired at this point, but we were all trying to stay awake for the long flight we had ahead of us.

Once we boarded, many of us stayed up for a few hours. The plane had personal TV’s so we could watch movies, TV, or listen to music. Many of us decided to watch “The Wedding Ringer” which gave everyone a good laugh. We were also served meals on the plane that weren’t too bad. We got our choice of chicken or beer for dinner, an egg sandwich for lunch, and then a choice of either an omelet or pancakes for breakfast.

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After the first meal, many of us tried to sleep. Personally I was in and out of sleep the whole 14 hour flight. Overall, it was a pretty smooth flight and I thought it went by pretty quickly. After the long flight, we were all happy we finally made it to Sydney. However we had to make one last flight to Brisbane!

Because the first two flights were late we ended up missing our third one. We instead took a flight to Brisbane that was an hour later than the original plan. This slight seemed like nothing compared to the other two since it only took about an hour and 10 minutes.

We got off the plane, got our luggage and then made our way to the hotel. The weather was very warm – around 77 degrees – we were all loving that! Once we arrived at the hotel, we were given our room assignments and relaxed for the rest of the day. We were all just happy to be at our destination!

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