Another take on day 1...

Today we started off our day by visiting DiBella Coffee. When we first arrived, everyone got to order any type of coffee they wanted. There were many different types of roasts to choose from. I’m not a big coffee drinker so I opted for a cappuccino. I thought it was good and the others enjoyed what they ordered as well. The everyday coffee drinkers of the group thought it was excellent.

After we drank our coffee, we split into two groups to have a tour of the facility. We were shown how they make their coffee and the clever techniques they used. They import coffee beans from many different countries such as Brazil and Cambodia. We learned about different types of coffee and what goes into them. After the tour we got to eat lunch in the café. They served us ham and chicken wraps that everyone could not get enough of! At this visit we learned many new aspects of the coffee industry. We also were given goodie bags with some coffee drinks and beans to take home.

Next up for the day was a scavenger hunt throughout the city. We were broken up into three teams by Ormsbee and his wife and were given clues to places around the city. We had to decipher these clues and then take a picture of the specific locations. The first team back would be the winners. Doing this allowed us to really explore and get a feel for where things are in the city. My group ended up coming in second place. The first team beat us by about a half an hour. Everyone had fun with this activity.

Some stayed at the restaurant where we ended up to eat dinner while Marissa, Meghan, and I decided to go and try some local food truck we heard about. Marissa and I learned about the food trucks coming to south Brisbane every Thursday night at 5 p.m. through a BuzzFeed post prior to the trip. We knew this was something we had to do while in Brisbane, so we walked about 15 minutes to the food trucks. There we could pick from certain options like a Brazilian food truck, an Italian truck, a steak truck, and a BBQ truck.

We opted for the BBQ truck because the chipotle port mac & cheese sounded too good to resist. We also got a side of fries with chipotle ketchup to split. The food was delicious! We were happy we made the walk down there and were able to experience what Brisbane has to offer. We met some really nice locals who gave us advice on what to do in the city for the next free day. After that we headed back home and got a good night’s rest for the next adventure in the morning!

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