Day 1 - In the middle of it all...

After a solid 10 hours of sleep from an exhausting 27 hours of travel, we started our morning at the DiBella Coffee Corporate Café. When we first arrived, we got to order any type of coffee we wanted. This was a hard decision because ordering coffee in Australia is much different with many options compared to the US. I decided to go with an Australian favorite – the “flat white”. I learned that this was a coffee made with milk and a thin layer of foam as compared to a short black which is just brewed with water. Next was the tour… We learned about DiBella Coffee’s process of turning their beans into coffee. We learned everything about how the beans are picked from the trees or imported (from either Cuba, Columbia, or Brazil), processed and aerated, packaged and shipped, and finally how they are brewed. We finished the tour with a brewing session. We learned 3 different brewing methods involving the V-60 (a drip method), the Chemex (also a drip method), and a device that uses air pressure to force the water through the coffee. Finally we ended the session by distinguishing between different types of coffee. These included lattes, cappuccino, flat white, long black, micro black, and espresso.

After getting back from DiBella Coffee, we had a scavenger hunt all across Brisbane. Unfortunately my group ended up in last place, but we found some cool places to check out later that night. My favorite spot was Southbank Beach. This was a man-made beach built in the middle of Brisbane! The “ocean” water was chlorinated so it was basically like a large pool. The only downside was that this beach ended up being almost a 25 minute walk from our hotel.

After the scavenger hunt, a group of us decided to go find a food truck that I found on the website called “Buzzfeed”. We did find it! The truck was called “Food Truck Please”. It consisted of 4 different food trucks making dishes ranging from Brazilian, Italian, steak, and Australian take on American food. I went with the chili spiced pulled pork and mac & cheeses and ended the night with a smore. Not only was the food good, but it was also very cheap!

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