Our First Full Day

Today (Friday here) was a beautiful day – bright sunshine, no clouds, and 70 degrees. A great day to wander around the city to complete the first scavenger hunt – which is now complete and in the books. Everyone found all of their locations and had most of the answers to the riddles we set up for them correct! They did a great job – especially since they had to find all of the venues on foot (in Melbourne and Sydney they will have public transport passes and can use them to get around the cities).

The visit to DiBella Coffee was great. We got to see some different coffee brewing techniques and learned what types of roasts each is appropriate for, and then had the chance to sample several types of coffees and learned a lot about coffee we didn’t know (from harvesting and roasting techniques to flavor profiles and which types of coffees have the most and least caffeine. Everyone received a sample bag with a small bag of freshly roasted coffee beans and a couple of their new coffee energy drinks. After our tour we had a nice light lunch and travelled back to the city. This company is really innovative and socially conscious – from their “Crop to Cup” program (which we experienced yesterday), to being involved with their growers and farmers in other countries to ensure they are being paid fairly (Fair Trade), to sponsoring programs to provide homeless people with needed supplies like canned food, blankets, etc…

Some of the students were going to try to book a tour to Morton Island to go sand surfing and snorkeling on their free day today, but unfortunately the tour company was fully booked… so it sounds like the koala sanctuary will be one of the more popular choices for the group for today…

We finally completed the sign-up for blog posts from the students and they should begin rolling in today or tomorrow. Each student signed up to author (at least) 2 blog posts over the trip to provide their take on the events of the day – so look forward to seeing 2 students posts each day. Wi-Fi access here in Brisbane is relatively limited, so our blog posts have not included a lot of pictures. Once we arrive in Melbourne we should have good Wi-Fi access and be able to post more pictures – so check out the page and blog frequently!

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