Free day in Brissy... student's take 1....

Today we had a whole free day to ourselves to explore Brisbane. A group of us took the opportunity to visit Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary. The sanctuary consisted of mostly koalas, but also had kangaroos, crocodiles, Tasmanian Devils, and dingos. My favorites were the koalas and kangaroos. I was lucky enough to hold a young make koala named Sheldon. He was heavier than expected and also smelled a bit, but I toughed it out for a picture. I also got to feed and pet kangaroos in an enclosed area of the sanctuary. There was a mixture of kangaroos, some with babies called “joeys”, and wallabies. The kangaroos seemed friendlier and I couldn’t leave the park without a picture on my selfie stick. This was an experience I will never forget!

A group of 5 of us spent the rest of the day navigating the transportation system of Brisbane to get to a beach called “Surfer’s Paradise” on the Gold Coast. We found out about Surfer’s Paradise by asking the locals about the “must see” things to do while in Brisbane. Although navigating was stressful, we successfully managed to find our way there without getting lost! The trip to the beach ended up being around an hour and a half but it was totally worth it. Surfer’s Paradise had the whitest and softest sand and crystal blue clear waters. The weather didn’t turn out to be as nice as we had planned, but we had to take a dip in the water anyway. We wandered around the pretty big beach town to find an Irish pub for dinner. To end the night I got to try Tim Tam & espresso nitrogen made ice cream. BEST thing I have ever eaten!!

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