Lone Pine Koalas and Surfers in One Day!

On Friday we had our first free day in Brisbane. We started our day early and a few of us decided to go to Lonepine Koala Sanctuary. It took us around 45 minutes to arrive but the trip was very much worth it. When we entered the sanctuary, there were so many koalas! I was lucky enough to be able to hold one of the koalas who's name was Sheldon. He was surprisingly very heavy!

After a few of us had the chance to hold koalas, we went to go pet kangaroos. There were so many kangaroos and wallabies hopping around, I was able to pet a lot of kangaroos and get a few selfies with some of the older kangaroos that were just lying around.

After spending some time at the sanctuary, we headed back to the hotel. Later a group of us decided to go to the Golden Coast. The journey was pretty long but we had a great time when we arrived. We went to Surfer's Paradise and the sand was so soft. After being on the beach for a while, we went to dinner at Waxy's Irish Pub. The food was really great. At the pub there was live music and it was actually really good.

After we left the pub we got liquid nitrogen ice cream and it was amazing. After a long day, we headed back to the hotel and then packed up for our trip to Melbourne.

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