Onward to Melbourne

After having such a great time in Brisbane the past couple of days, getting on the plane to Melbourne this morning was bittersweet. However, it’s extremely exciting to experience another new city, continue to make great memories and discover the differences within the country. From the DiBella Coffee Tour to getting to hold a Koala and pet Kangaroos at the Koala Sanctuary, the stay in Brisbane was truly an adventure. All of people that we met were very nice and accepting of us as we learn their culture.

As the trip has gone on, we have gotten much closer as a group. It’s awesome to get to know everyone on the trip because I believe that these relationships will last far after this trip. Although it already feels like we’ve been in Australia for a long time, the trip is only just beginning and I couldn’t be happier about it. The chance to experience something new and adventure in a foreign place has given me a new perspective on life and how much the world has to offer. It’s begun to foster personal growth within myself and I bet my classmates could say the same. I can’t wait for what Melbourne and Sydney hold and I’m looking forward to all the company visits Professor Ormsbee has planned for us. Let the good times roll!


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