Melbourne - A Very Different City from Brisbane!

Today is our second day in Melbourne. Melbourne is different from Brisbane in a couple of ways. The people in Brisbane were dressed more classy/business professional than Melbourne mostly because we were in the central business district there. Melbourne also seems bigger than Brisbane but we have passes to use the public transportation such as the trams, trains, and buses.

Today we had a free day. There were options to take day tours but we decided to do a few different things without planning. First, Marie, Lauren, and I went to the Melbourne Sea Life Aquarium which was a great idea. There were lots of things to see there like fish, sharks, stingrays, crabs, jellyfish, penguins, crocodiles, turtles, frogs, lizards, and much more. My favorite part was walking through a glass tunnel that went through the middle of a large tank and having a bunch of sea creatures swimming all around you. You could even pay to swim in there with the sharks but we didn't do that. There were a couple different kinds of sharks such as a speartooth shark and some huge stingrays in there. This aquarium is the only one to have speartooth sharks. After the tunnel there was a big open space where the same sea life could be seen as it was one big tank.

My next favorite part was the area where we colored a fish and then it was projected on a big screen so it looked like it was swimming in a big aquarium. It was very lifelike. When going to the rainforest part of the aquarium, the floor changed to soft to feel and look like it would in the rainforest. The penguins were cool too. Some were sleeping, some were in the snow, and others were in the water swimming.

Later in the day, we visited the Queen Victoria Market and after the market, we went to the Bourke Street Mall which was the biggest I've ever seen. First we went through an H&M store that was enormous with three stories. The mall, which was not connected to H&M, had 7 levels! Most of the stores were high end like Coach, Armani, and Michael Khors. We were just exploring, not shopping. There was also another mall connected to that one which also had at least 5 levels. This part had a bowling alley and bar that had a deal for bowling, laser tag, and beer on Monday which seemed pretty cool.

We ended up eating at a tavern in this part of the mall. The food was good and there was too much to finish but they didn't have any takeaway (Australians say this instead of "to-go") boxes. Our day was ended in the hotel's hot tub. Overall, it was a great day!


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