Fun Scavenger Hunt - Cool Places

Today was quite an interesting day, spanning from the visit to the U.S. Consulate to a scavenger hunt that brought us around the city. For me I found the Consulate to be incredibly interesting... It allowed us to learn about the different ways that Australia looks to bring their citizens to the United States in order to compete study abroads or even to complete their four year degrees. As wellthey have to be mindful or scanning for potential threats and the processes that are behind that. One thing that I found especially interesting, was the mention of the gathering of think tanks into an event where they can all share their ideas, and the potential gain that is behind these events.

From the Consulate we basically went straight into the scavenger hunt. The team I was a part of had to go to places such as Madame Brussels (a former working brother that is now a cafe and lounge), Ponyfish Island (a small hipster pub located on an island underneath a bridge), Edihad Stadium, the Red Hummingbird (another artsy lounge), and the library.

The two which I found especially cool were Ponyfish Island (because it was a natural island in the middle of the city that was just large enough to make a restaurant/bar out of), and the Red Hummingbird, which I would love to go back to and see more of (there are 3 floors and a rooftop area). The scavenger hunts are always fun, especially here in Melbourne because it allowed us to really get a feel for the city and learn our way around without constantly having to ask for directions.


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