Cars and Ghosts.... Oh What A Feeling!

On our third full day within the city of Melbourne we had the opportunity to visit our first business within the city following a day filled with a visit to the US consulate and a scavenger hunt.

Today our Melbourne adventure took us to a Toyota manufacturing plant located just outside of city lines. At this plant we were taken around to the different stations and had the opportunity to see a little more in depth of how a full scale operation as such works. We were allowed to see all parts of the plant except for the building of the engines and the paint room.

This plant will unfortunately be shutting down in the year 2017 but the workers seem to be generally unaffected by it and Toyota has taken steps to ease that pain of laying off thousands of workers. They have implemented a service on the plant’s ground where workers can go to officially receive certification for their job to use if they move on to another manufacturing plant and as well receive help to update their resumes for their next career stop.

Toyota demonstrated to us through this and different additional safety measurements throughout the plant that they put implicit care into their workers. Another thing that they are not afraid to show off there is their ever improving sustainability measures that not only are beneficial to the environment but show economic benefits as well. To round out the trip though the best part in my mind was the last stop of the trip which was the station where after 23 hours of hard work, the cars finally came to life for the first time!

After this visit, we mostly went our separate ways to explore the city a bit more only to meet up at nightfall for a tour of the Old Melbourne Gaol. This was at one point in the 19th century the jail that housed some of the worst criminal offenders in the city of Melbourne. We were entertained and spooked by the plethora of ghost stories that were thrown our way! It was an exciting time filled with many historical references and that was a great cultural learning experience. It was a great way to cap off an exciting day and we look forward to Monash University and the Carlton Brewery on Wednesday!

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