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Old Melbourne Gaol - Not a place you want to be!

Tuesday in Melbourne started as a cold and rainy day. We hopped on the tram and proceeded to make our way outside of the city. After 40 minutes of trams, busses and a short game of frogger across 4 lanes of traffic, we found ourselves outside of the Toyota manufacturing plant.

We had to wear hairnets, work helmets and black and red Toyota jackets in order to tour the factory. I was especially thankful for the headsets they gave us in order to hear our guide because it was one of the loudest buildings I've ever been in. We were able to see the entire process from sheet metal being pressed into frames to the car being outfitted with leather interior seats. It was a really awesome experience.

Later that night we went to the Old Melbourne Gaol, which offers nightly tours throughout the haunted grounds. The jail was three stories tall, with the gallows just beside the jail cells on the third floor. The brick walls and creaky metal stairs added to the eerie effect the jail had. Our guide showed us around with no light other than a candle and Mike, along with myself, were placed into the "most haunted cell" for a minute or so. We were also told stories about the events that happened while the jail was still in use and even creepier stories about paranormal events in more recent years.

After the tour ended, they turned the lights on so we could walk around freely and there were facts about the jail posted on the walls of the cells. If anything is for sure, I definitely wouldn't want to be there alone at night.

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