Currency Trading and Brewing Beer!

I have to say, yesterday was one of the most interesting days. We started off with a visit to Monash University, where we visited the STARLab and took part in a currency trading simulation. The STARLab allowed us the opportunity to see what it was really like trading, giving us the chance to work with Monash students and contact others to buy or sell.

The professor who worked with Monash to start the Star Labs is actually looking in to coming to Clarkson for three months to do research and to bring a STARLab there. In my opinion that would be an incredibly cool thing to bring to Clarkson because it would give students at Clarkson the chance to get hands on experience in something that they could potentially want to do and would give Clarkson an added bonus and boost our already successful business program, giving us the upper hand when it comes to producing successful students.

Afterwards we did not have much time before we needed to leave for the tour of the Carlton Brewery. I have to admit that the brewery tour was really cool. It was interesting to see what went into making such a popular beer, and all the different types of beer that they actually make. Out of all the beer that is made there, only 3% are exported and most of that 3% is Foster’s, the rest is consumed in Australia. We had the chance to sample some of the beers and had a sample from the last ever keg of Foster’s that will be produced from the only Foster’s tap in all of Australia. After the tour we ate dinner there at the Brewery, and I have to say that the burger was incredibly good. It was a nice ending to our time in Melbourne, and I would really love the opportunity to go back.

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