Monash University - Where President Collins Went to Uni!

Today we didn't have to meet up until noon so we had some time to ourselves which I used to chill. We then met at noon to take some trains to Monash University. We arrived after a 30-45 minute train ride. There was a big building that said Monash University but I didn't see a bunch of buildings but we didn't take a tour anyway.

We went to the STARLab (Simulated Teaching and Research Laboratory). There we watched a presentation about how technology is changing so fast, affecting our education and jobs. From there we split into groups with Monash students to participate in a currency trading simulation. Each group was given the name of a bank to trade currency with each other. We would call each other from the computer wearing headsets. Then we would either buy or sell in increments of 10,000,000 with a specific rate depending on the bank. There were real life circumstances that would change our rates during the simulation. The end goal was to zero out so all of our currency was sold at a higher price than what we bought to make a profit. My group zeroed out and we ended up with a profit of $1,155,000. One group had a profit of $175,000,000 but we were still good because we didn't have a loss. I really like this exercise. It was confusing at first but fun at the end.

After a quick break, our next stop was to the Carlton Brewery. We visited the factory where they brew the beer, the one where they bottle the beer, and then went back to the brewhouse for samples and dinner. The factories were huge. In the bottling factory, they can fill 900 bottles a minute and label 1,050 bottles a minute with one labeling machine. After the tour, we could sample beers such as Carlton Dry, Carlton Draught, Crown, Victoria Bitter, Carlton Black, Peroni, Pure Blonde, Fosters, and cider. They went well with our dinner which was delicious.

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