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Relaxed day at the zoo...

Today was not as jam packed as yesterday’s fun filled events but it was still a really fun day in Sydney. Our day began at roughly 9 o'clock when we all met downstairs in the lobby where we would than catch the train from town all to Circular Quay. From there we took a 15 minute ferry ride to the zoo. Upon arrival we all split up into little groups and walked about the park, viewing all the wild life. It was cool to see all the animals you do not normally see on an everyday basis such as crocodiles, tigers, lions, hippos and apes.

After we walked around the zoo for just about 2 hours we got back on the ferry and took it to Circular Quay and returned to the hotel. We than decided we were hungry and went in search of the ever so delicious Pie Face. Our efforts were futile as we walked for around an hour in search of cheap food and ended up in Chinatown at Paddys Market. We than walked around the market seeing what was available then sat down in the food court and got some sandwiches.

After the market we came back to the hotel and just relaxed while some of the other students went down and did a bridge climb, and another group went to the rugby game. In order to do something that was inexpensive and fun, 3 of us walked down to Darling Harbour and watched the light show to try and kill some time. The water front area was jammed pack full of people which made it hard to find somewhere to eat that was cheap and had available seating. We ended up at a small pub just a short walk off the pier which had good food and was not going to break the bank account.

It is safe to say that the busy day we had yesterday really wore down a lot of people which made for today's activities to be a bit more laid back and unstructured. However sometimes you just need a day of relaxation to recharge the batteries and be ready to go for a day that is full of outrageously fun activities. Tomorrow we are embarking on a journey to the Blue Mountains so hopefully I can get a good night’s rest and be ready to do a lot of walking. Once again this is Jeff DiNallo signing off from Sydney Australia. Cheers!

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