Katoomba and The Blue Mountains

Helloooo from beautiful Sydney, Australia! This is Christian Powers and today I am writing to let everyone know what we did on May 24, 2015. Today, we had two awesome options to choose from. One option was to go whale watching and the other was to go explore the beautiful Blue Mountains in Katoomba.

I chose the Blue Mountains so I will fill you in on all the exciting sights that we saw. To begin, our day started with everyone that wanted to go see the Blue Mountains to meet in the lobby at the crack of dawn around 7 a.m. From there we hopped on the train to Central Station where we had to then get on another train and take it to Blacktown. This train ride was approximately one hour long and we still had a journey ahead of us.

Once reaching Blacktown we rode a bus for just a little over an hour to our destination of Katoomba. Upon arriving in Katoomba, this was where the fun BEGAN! So, when exploring the Blue Mountains you hop on a bus to begin and they drive you around giving you a quick view from the top while providing sufficient information about the mountains. Hey, here is something that is pretty neat – they call them the Blue Mountains because when it is really warm outside there is a blue haze that projects from the trees! Unfortunately, today wasn’t extremely warm so it wasn’t as blue but still awesome to see.

After our bus driver was finished showing us and explaining everything to us we were able to get out and explore the nature. Our first stop was just at one of the lookout points where it gave you a nice viewing of the valley. Our second stop was at what they call “Leura Cascades”. The Leura Cascades was this amazing waterfall that was tucked away and allowed you to walk right up to it and take some great photos.

Next, and this was the best part was when we went to Echo Point, home of the Three Sisters. The Three Sisters are these massive rocks cliffs that stand right beside each other in their own section of the valley. They are really spectacular. Echo point is one of the most visited sites in Australia. It offers you two different suspended levels where you are able to get the best view of the mountains. And let me tell you, they are not lying when they say that. This view was something else, absolutely amazing!

To end the day, we stopped off at nice pizzeria for lunch where they offered stone oven made pizza. These pizzas were delicious and we were all starving so they didn’t last very long!

To conclude, I think that it is safe to say that today was worth the travel to the Blue Mountains. I think I can speak for everyone that attended the tour that this was a once in a lifetime opportunity that they will never forget and I highly recommend that if you are ever in Australia that you take a day a do the same! Well mates, that’s it for me today from the land down under, you will be hearing from me tomorrow with some more great updates!

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