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Hellooo again from Sydney!! Yesterday was another exciting day that was filled with two really cool business visits. Our first visit was at a place called Employment Innovations and our second visit was at the famous Johnson & Johnson Company.

To begin, our day started off like any other day, all of us meeting in the lobby and then walking over to the train station and catching the train. Once getting off the train we walked to our first visit at Employment Innovations. Unfortunately we got the times mixed up - we were suppose to arrive at 10:30 but we ended up being forty five minutes early, so we all went and grabbed some breakfast and some coffees and enjoyed a little bit of the morning.

At 10:30 it was time to start and this is where we met Ben Thompson, the owner of Employment Innovations and let me tell you he was one very smart and successful business man. Employment Innovations had two other different sections to it: “Employment Hero” - which was focused around human resources; and “Power 2 Motivate” which helps build customized sales incentives, customer loyalty, and employee and reward recognition. I am not going to go on forever talking about Ben Thompson and what he has accomplished over his life in the business world because I could go on forever, but listening to Ben speak showed me that drive and determination and passion can push someone’s business carrier to the sky and make them as successful as they want to be.

Next, after E.I. some of us grabbed a tasty lunch at the hotel. I got the chicken salad and it was quite SCRUMPTIOUS! After our lunch we headed over to the famous Johnson & Johnson Company. This was interesting because I was unaware that they were such a huge medical company. I knew they had a bunch of consumer products such as baby powder, Splenda sweetner, etc. One interesting fact that they had mentioned was when they send hospitals certain implants (hip or knee replacement for example) they send a huge crate containing many different sizes for the patient’s replacement.

Also, what caught my attention was when we learn about business we mostly see business to consumer. There at J&J it is mostly business-to-business methods. They had mentioned that their business to consumer method was really only 15% of what they do which was quite fascinating. Overall, visiting Employment Innovations and Johnson & Johnson were two awesome experiences where I believe everyone learned lots of useful information about these two very successful companies.

To end the day, Professor Ormsbee was gracious enough to treat all of us to a great steak dinner at this awesome restaurant called “Cargo Bar” which happens to be right on the water in Darling Harbour. It is quite the view especially with the Vivid lights festival going on.

Well folks, that is it for me with my blog posts here in the land down under. I hoped you have enjoyed reading them and following our trip through Sydney – G’day MATES!!

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