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Monday in Sydney... ahhhh. What a city it is. The last few days and weeks have been incredible to say the least, but I'll just be talking about what we did Monday. To begin, we had a meeting at Employment Innovation with Ben Thompson. This company is a fast growing, small business solution company that offered legal and HR services. They had a cloud based software called "employment hero" that deals with all of the HR needs that a small business has. What was even cooler than learning about the offerings of the company was learning about Ben himself. An extremely driven and successful person, the insight that was offered was very interesting. He taught himself how to code at age 12, just showing how smart of a person he actually is. He owned a 40 foot yacht so that he could get to his bigger yacht outside of the harbor.

After a brief lunch break, we set out on the train to visit Johnson and Johnson. We met with Joe Vurchio, the Logistics Director for the Asia Pacific region. J&J is broken down into three business sectors (consumer products, pharmaceuticals, and medical devices and diagnostics). This facility was a packaging warehouse for the medical devices sector. The front building is modeled after the original J&J headquarters in New Brunswick, NJ.

Mr. Vurchio gave us an in depth presentation going over the company as a whole, and then broke it down into specifically what is done at that facility. They prepared emergency surgery kits for hospitals along the east coast of Sydney. What this means is that sometimes- say during a hip replacement- the surgeon will have the wrong size hip. With a person under the knife and opened up, they need a different part as soon as possible. J&J will actually send another replacement with all of the appropriate tools for the operation within a few hours. Talk about "just in time." The insight that Mr. Vurchio offered was to always focus on what you are trying to sell, whether it be your service, products, or skill set. This seems to have worked well for him, seeing as he is on the board of directors for one of the largest companies in the world.

The day was finished at the Cargo Bar, where we all enjoyed rump steak alongside the Darling Harbour. Seeing the city lit up during "Vivid" is amazing, spending the time with great people is even better.

Until next time, this is Matt - signing off.

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