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Google! And Cochlear.... 2 interesting companies...


This morning we took a quick trip across Darling Harbor to visit the Google campus located in Sydney. The environment that Google promotes is unconventional to say the least. The idea is to provide a workplace that encourages does not have the feel of a corporation. Google achieves this by allowing flexible hours and providing everything imaginable for their employees. For instance, during the tour we encountered two young men playing video games at around 11:00AM. Our guide also explained that there are plenty of rooms for employees to run off to in order to do work. Each room was designed with the help of employees in order to include everyone’s interests on the campus. Overall, the tour of Google left each of us with the thought that work should be fun.

After a quick lunch, we embarked on our second company tour of the day. This included seeing the strategy and manufacturing of Cochlear LTD. Cochlear is a company that produces hearing implants. The beginning of the tour included a great presentation. The speaker gave us deep insight of the company and shared some of the inspiring and uplifting stories the implants were able to provide. We then moved on to tour the facility. Each implant is handmade and goes through a series of tests before being sold. It is a long and very delicate process. Cochlear is a company that I had not heard of before. That being said, I found it to be one of the more interesting and inspiring companies in the world.


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