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Last day in Aussie...

Hello again... I write this final blog entry from somewhere over the Pacific Ocean on our way to Vancouver. Today I'll write about our last full day in Sydney - Wednesday.

With all of our business meetings complete, we had this day to explore on our own. There was a large group that went to Bandi Beach, which I heard was incredible. On the other hand, I used this day to see a little more of the city and do some last minute shopping for family and friends (I hope you're reading this mom).

To begin, I went to the Pylon Point Lookout on the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Earlier in the week, 7 of us went on the famous bridge climb over the bridge. This was an amazing experience, and it also gave me access to climb the Lookout at a later time to take some photos and once again take in the breathtaking views. Below is a photo of this view.

After this, I went to "Paddy's Market." This is a giant marketplace in China Town with literally anything that you can think of... Souvenirs, food, clothing, even Samurai Swords. A very active and busy place, the vendors will often agree to lower prices than the ones listed. Looking back at my Clarkson career so far, having the experience in negotiations class (with such an excellent professor might I add) gave me an edge bartering with the vendors.

The group then enjoyed dinner at the Haymarket Hotel for one final meal together. This was a very popular spot among the ladies of the group (and some men) due to the fact that there were complimentary manicures after dinner that took place right in the restaurant.

I ended my night at possibly my favorite finds of the whole trip. A small bar tucked away down an alley and down a cellar door called the Baxter Inn. Dimly lit with swanky jazz playing, this place had a selection of over 700 whiskies. Quite overwhelming. Below is a picture of the wall with the offerings.

Signing off one last time- this is Matt, I hope you enjoyed reading.

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