The last day of the trip......

It's the last day here in the land down under. I'm happy to say Im not leaving with any regrets - everyday here I enjoyed like it was my last... and that attitude made the trip very rewarding and exciting.

In the beginning I had really no clue about a person in the whole group that I came here with. Now I have made some great friends that I can share memories and connections with for the rest of my life. This was hands down the best trip of my life and it was amazing to get a glimpse of the culture and business life of Australians.

For today the plan was quite simple... we woke up earlier and took our last bus back to the airport, and hopped on the plane to head to Vancouver, and then on to Ottawa. Interesting enough, we did it all in one 38 hour day, which did take us all for a spin. Eventually we all ended back up in Potsdam where we said our goodbyes, and voyage back home.

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