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What a great trip!

We had a wonderful trip. No glitches in our travel (a couple of incorrect flight times on our itinerary, but we were there on time for the flights anyway), everyone made it home last evening safely, no cancelled or missed flights...

I think the students had a good experience. We tried to blend more free/social/cultural time into the trip this time so they could experience the culture and feel of what it is like to live in Australia moreso than in the past. Students had a variety of opprortunities to see some of the culture such as visiting the koala sanctuary, museums, various day tours, 3 scavenger hunts (designed to get them to different parts of the city to see some strange and cultural things they might not otherwise have seen), a haunted jail tour, the zoo in Sydney, a tour of the Blue Mountains, whale watching, beaches, the Vivid Light Festival, and the list goes on...

We also scheduled some (what I felt were) really interesting company visits with different flavors from each - a coffee company, a car manufacturer, beer brewery, employment services company, a university, a sports venue, the US Consulate, Johnson & Johnson, Cochlear, and Google!

The exchange rate was favorable for us on this trip, so we were able to provide more things for the students and meet as a group for more meals together, and book nicer accomodations than we might otherwise have been able to. It also provided for the students' funds to go further than in past years.

I always receive a ton of credit and praise for how great this trip is, but there is a LOT of coordination and work goes into this trip behind the scenes - especially when you are working on coordinating travel and accomodaitons for 17 people! Credit also needs to go out to several other people. First my wife, Amber, who does most of our coordination work on the ground in country for meals and transportation as well as all of the research and coordination that goes into the scavenger hunts and finding and picking up prizes for the winners while we are in country. She also has been gracious enough to travel with me to Australia twice this year (in March with the MBA students and again in May - we just got over jet lag!). This is a woman who HATES to fly at all! Credit also needs to go to Tanya Conto who does all of our bookings and coordination work, arranges for gifts for the company visits, coordinates our finances, helps with prmoting the trip, obtaining travel documentation, and coordinates our ground transport to and from the airport. And of course, Sue Wood who manages our budgets and Dean Smith for supporting these trips. Thank you all!

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