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Saturday morning started about 80 minutes after my alarm was set to go off. Luckily all the packing was done the night before. After two frantic minutes of getting ready we left for the airport without a shower or double check of the room. After a 2-hour nap, or as others called it the flight to Singapore, we arrived.

We first grabbed some lunch then headed to the Aquarium. I hadn’t been to one in many years so it was a good time to be able to relive that childhood pleasure. I think I took more picture here than the past few days combined.

After that we wandered the area near universal studios and stumbled into a great Casino for a while. Finally, we headed to a botanical garden to see the sights of the city. Finally, we headed back to the airport to get ready for our night flight down to Sydney.

Sunday in Sydney:

Upon arrival in Sydney I wasn’t really sure what to expect. On one hand Sydney is an extremely western city, on the other hand it’s about as far away as physically possible. My experience with the city now is that it is incredible. It had everything I could have wanted and is currently in my top two places ever visited.

One of my house mates of the last two years is currently studying abroad in Sydney so I spent the day with him. It was incredibly helpful having someone with some experience of the city leading me around. We headed to the beach first to attempt part of the long beach to beach long we discussed earlier in the semester. The beaches were nice, haven’t felt sand in quite some time now. The highlight was actually the cliffs we climbed in between the beaches. They gave to some of the best pictures of the trip.

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