A VERY early morning, long day, and amazing contrast

Leaving Singapore:

Our "day" on Saturday began at 2:30 a.m.. We were proppvided a boxed breakfast by the hotel to fuel us up for our journey. Our vans picked us up and brought us to the airport where we began "the waiting game" - lines - BIG lines! We eventually all made it through security, got checked in and waitied for our flight...

Experiencing Singapore:

The Singapore airport is among the nicest in the world - big, clean, secure. We stored out loggage, got our transport passes, and everyone went in different directions. Prof. MacKinnon and myself had a small group of students join us in visiting the Hawker Centre - a world famous food court offering a variety of Singaporian and other Asian foods. We each tried different things and it seemed that no one left disappointed. It was odd to eat at an open air food court and have it seem clean and relatively sanitary after our week in Bangkok!

After an adventurous (albeit tame compared to the previous week's culinary experiences) lunch, everyone went in different directions. Students experienced a variety of things which you will hear about in their words as we receive post submissions and pictures from them. Myself and Prof. MacKinnon attempted to visit the botanical gardens, but with the oppressive heat , opted to wander through an air conditioned mall. RIght next to the botanical gardens was an impressive structure, that Prof. MacKinnon told me was a hotel. Some of the students inquired about having lunch on the rooftop, but opted not to indulge (a little under $200 for lunch and tea!).

The mall was an entertainment complex set on a beautiful vista overlooking a resort island.

After more browsing than anyone deserves to endure, we decided to head back to the airport for some much needed rest and to wait to board our flights to Sydney. More to follow!!!

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