A busy first few days!

We are back in Western culture for sure, but the culture here is different than at home... For me, being a behaviorist, it is strikingly different - but you have to look for it. I notice many differences in the way people interact and people's behavior at work. This is a society of people who enjoy their work as well as enjoy their lives. They don't look or act disgruntled or unhappy - at work or at play. We could learn a lot from that!

On our first visits, we toured the ABC Studios (Australian Broadcasting Company) - Australia's public broadcasting company. We had the opportunity to visit some sets, see the news being broadcast, and visit some radio sound studios. Very interesting discussion and questions.

From there we went to the ANZ Olympic Stadium. Amazing structure. The Australian 2000 Olympics were the only games to ever be profitable! They will be updating teh stadium next year with a retractable roof. The stadium hosts about 50 major events per year - including moto-cross show, concerts, and sporting events. We may go to a rugby game Friday night there! The students had the opportunity to ham it up on the Olympic medal podium...

Today we visited the American Chamber of Commerce. This was a very interesting visit. Our host, Robert Hossary, who is the General Manager, talked to us about the Autralian economy, barriers to doing business in Australia, technology and other cultural issues in Australia. The students really enjoyed the visit - it was very informative!

Next we travelled to Cochlear Hearing Implants. What an interesting company. They design and manufacture implants for hearing impaired people. The components of these implants are so small!

They are amazing to see and even more amazing to see how they are manufactured. We also had the opportunity to experience a hearing test some recipients might experience in order to help improve the implants and to fine tune their implant.

Our final visit of the day had to be cancelled... Someone, not mentioning myslef, made an error in scheduling. Hopefully i will be able to reschedule our visit with Employment Innovations tomorrow morning. Mr. Ben Thompson is an amazing entrepreneur and visionairy.. I really want the students to meet him!!

That is all for now! Students will be sending some pictures and posts and I will post them as I get them.. Stay tuned!

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