Exhausted, but excited!

Oh my goodness am I exhausted. As I sit here in our apartment with a view overlooking Sydney (I can see lots of cars, buildings, and even the harbor in the distance), I am day dreaming about the comfortable bed that awaits me. But first, let me tell you about my day.

The flight last night and into the morning was quite nice. I was seated next to my friend and we slept the entire time, with occassional wake-ups for food, the bathroom, or because the couple next to us kept accidentally shining a flashlight into my eyes while looking for their belongings. This is the first, and probably only time, I will say this but I could have gone for that flight being a bit longer than 8 hours, if it meant I would have gotten more time to sleep after our long day in Singapore.

After arriving to Australia we made our way to our apartments, and I was shocked at the ease of exiting the airport. We passed through electronic immigration which simply matched our face to our passport picture. The technology of the future is pretty crazy. Anyway, after a nice van ride we arrived at our apartments- which are two-bedrooms and crazy nice. After some unpacking and a much needed shower, we decided to explore the harbor located only a few minutes from our place.

We met a nice Australian couple in the elevator who showed us a shortcut. Coming from Thailand and Singapore it was a bit strange that the majority of the people we encountered spoke English.

We enjoyed a meal overlooking the beautiful harbor and devored ice cream cones while walking around the area.

So far there are a few key distinctions from Thailand. Things are much more expensive here, with prices similar to those in the United States. There are way more trash cans around Sydney than in Thailand, which I am grateful for. Although the streets in Australia seem cleaner, I no longer get to pass all of the friendly street vendors on my walk home. I am looking forward to seeing what else this city has to offer!

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