Hello from Down Under

Today, was our first day in Sydney and I was so excited to finally be in this country. I have always wanted to visit Australia and now the day is finally here! The weather is perfect and the city looks amazing.

We had a few hours to explore our surroundings and we walked around the Darling Harbor, which is filled with restaurants and shops and overlooks the beautiful harbor.

We stopped and had dinner and wow, what a price difference from Thailand! We went from $2 meals to $20 meals in a matter of 48 hours. Despite the high prices, Sydney is still a great city and I cannot wait to explore the rest of it.

After visiting the Darling Harbor, I was in charge of the grocery shopping for everyone in our apartment and I was really excited about seeing what grocery stores were like in Australia. They are not much different from ours but they have a variety of different brands and products but the stores are much smaller than our Walmart Supercenters. Afterwards, I was very proud of myself for being able to carry all of the groceries back to the hotel without dropping anything and hopefully my roommates and I will be able to have a delicious breakfast in the morning.

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