A full day!

On Wednesday, our first visit of the day was DiBella Coffee Roasters, a premium roasting and retail shop of coffee. Due to the fact that I am not an avid coffee drinker, I cannot quite compare Australian coffee to American coffee, but I can tell you that the sample we tried was very, very bitter. But many of my classmates thoroughly enjoyed it. We got to see a demo of the slow pour brewing method that has become increasingly common in Australia as well as the roasting of the coffee beans themselves, in which they crackle during their color changing process. Along with these demonstrations, we also got to enjoy a delicious lunch of pasta with bolognaise sauce and a coffee for dessert (although I substituted hot chocolate for mine). Some of my classmates were surprised by the fact that some of the coffee orders do not directly translate from America to Australia, with names such as short black and long black and iced coffees made with iced cream rather than cubed ice.

After DiBella Coffee, we headed to to Central Station to visit Sydney Trains for our next visit. Rather than taking the train there, we headed upstairs into the depths of the offices to learn about the logistics behind the Sydney Trains. We saw the “WOW” wall, which is covered in the train networks all around the city. Numerous workers are needed to ensure that all trains make it to where they need to be, avoid potential hazards, and recover from any delays. There is a lot of liability associated with these positions in the event of any situation.

Our afternoon continued with a tour of the Sydney Opera House. Wearing some neat headphones, I heard about the architect’s journey of designing the beautiful building that offers space for the theater, ballet, and opera. The shell-like structure offers fabulous views of the Sydney harbor. After the tour, we headed to a group dinner at the Haymarket Hotel, which offers free manicures to ladies on Wednesday nights. If you were wondering, I am currently writing this blog with my freshly painted nails. A delicious dinner was the perfect ending to a wonderful day of business visits and tours.

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