A LONG journey!!

This trip so for is the best trip that I have taken in my life, but also the longest and most tiring one.

I started this journey Sunday morning. I live down in New York City and also John Van Bramer lives near my house so we both took his car and drove for 5 hours to his summer house near Tupper Lake. We decided to drive up Sunday because we live too far away from Clarkson and if we drove up Monday morning we would be too tired for the fight.

Monday morning around 11am we started driving towards Potsdam. We arrived at Clarkson around 12:30pm. We got breakfast and around 1pm we were in front Cheel and ready to take the bus to Ottawa, Canada where we, everyone who came in this trip, were going to take the airplane.

At 2pm after Professor Ormsbee helped us weigh our luggage and we made sure we had the right weight, the bus came to Cheel and picked us up. We arrived at the airport in Ottawa around 4pm. After we checked our luggage and passed thru the security we got to our gate and waited for the plane to be ready to take off for Vancouver Canada.

The flight from Ottawa to Vancouver was not bad, the food was okay, the seats were comfortable and after 5 hours in the plane we made it on time to Vancouver airport. Then we started heading towards the gate to take the next fight to Sydney, Australia. This flight was much longer than it was supposed to be. The plane took off on time and after couple of hours in the air we had to make an emergency landing in Honolulu, Hawaii. The airplane captain told us that someone needed a doctor and we had to make an emergency landing in Honolulu.

We lost 2 hours in this emergency landing but everything went back to normal after the airplane took off. The food was good, the drinks was good too and the seats were comfortable as well. We landed around noon in Sydney but by this time we had missed our next flight to Adelaide. We needed to go thru security and go to the luggage pick-up area and get our bags. By the time we picked up our bags and got to the other gate we were very very tired. We were told we had to wait to take the next flight to Adelaide which was 5 hours later at 3pm. This airplane from Sydney to Adelaide was the smallest one we had to take for this trip. This fight took about 2 hours and around 5pm we landed to Adelaide. Then we took the bus to our hotel. This light was exiting and very tiring at the same time, but so far I am having a very good time. I believe this will be a trip that I will remember for the rest of my life.


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