What?? No parents??

Having never left my time zone before it was pretty weird to be on a plane for more than two hours. It was also very weird to be traveling with someone other than my family, I kept looking around expecting to see my mom or dad somewhere.

Surprisingly enough, the first flight was the worst flight for me. I guess it was because after that I was already in travel mode. Although, towards the end of flight there was a very beautiful view of mountains from my window seat.

Being from the Adirondacks it takes quite a bit to impress me, and I was very impressed. The second flight, from Vancouver to Sydney was a very surreal experiences. It felt like it was both short and long, and it was impossible to really tell how much time have past and how much time we had left. I got to sit with a large group of us and it was very amusing to look around only ten minutes into the flight and see everyone passed out already. The emergency stop we made in Honolulu had a terrifying landing, which has honestly made me a bit more twitchy and nervous when it comes to flying. However, I am very glad that the ill passenger was able to get medical assistance thanks to our ability to land.

The last flight was a bit awkward since everyone got scattered due to our last minute flight change, leave it to us to miss our last flight of the trip over. It ended up being a lovely experience, both women next to me were very different from each other but both were extremely friendly. One of them was actually on our other flight from Vancouver, having been on her way back from holiday in Alaska.

After all was said and done I felt very disoriented from all the travel, I found it very easy to lose my train… I mean plane of thought (sorry couldn’t resist). Over all it was not too bad of a trip, and now I feel like no amount of travel will ever compare to it.


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