Adelaide – The first days

We had finally arrived in Adelaide, and I was anxious to get the trip rolling. Unfortunately, I was also dead tired and wanted nothing more than to sleep for 15 hours straight. We went to the grocery store to get dinner, and I didn’t make it much further than that. I woke up the next morning exhausted, but excited to explore what Adelaide had to offer!

Our first stop was to the Aboriginal site. I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect from this part of our trip, but I can honestly say that what we got was not it. The Aboriginal site wasn’t way outside the city limits, or off in the outback, it was tucked away like a public park right in the suburbs of Adelaide! It was absolutely fascinating to me that so much culture and heritage lived right off the main roadway.

Our tour guide, Jamie, was absolutely awesome! He was able to give us tons of information about the first Australian people, and I gained a lot of knowledge about pharmaceuticals and native technologies that I had never heard before. It’s amazing how much we can gain and use from the land, if we only know how.

The next stop in Adelaide was the Kilburn Peace and Welcome Garden. Upon leaving the garden, we were dropped off for our first scavenger hunt. Tasked with finding our way back to a set location near our hotel, we were broken up into teams to find certain objects along our journey.

This was absolutely terrifying. I don’t know if there are many worse feelings than being lost in an unknown city, except maybe being lost in an unknown city in an unknown country. No matter, we had to get home so that’s what we did.

After hopping on a bus and talking to some locals, we were able to make the hour-long journey back safely! After a group dinner I was absolutely exhausted, and ready to pass out and start all over again the next day.

Overall, my initial impressions of Australia were that it is fairly similar to the United States. Where we were staying in Adelaide, I felt like it could have been a section of Boston or New York. The architecture was very reminiscent of Florida or the southern United States. Apart from the fact that they drive on the opposite side of the road and I can’t figure out their cash system, Adelaide seemed not extremely different from other places I had visited. I think this was a good thing, because after the 35-hour journey to get here, I couldn’t handle too much cultural shock!

With the Kangaroo Island tour the next day, I knew that was about to change. Going out of the city limits would provide me a much different view of Australia, I imagined. Our first few days in Adelaide were complete, and I was anxious to see what else the city had in store for us.

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