Confusing and awesome all in one....

The first day in Australia was amazing but also confusing. Coming off of the plane the time in Sydney AU was about 5pm. However my body thought it was 3am so I was exhausted and in a completely out of my element.

We walked to the bus to get to our hotel and ofcourse we had to cross the street so I look right, see no cars coming and start to cross the street and then, “Hoooonkk!!”... Oh right the cars drive on the wrong side of the road!

So my body does not understand why its bright out at 3am, cars are on the wrong side of the road what else could happen? Well, the bus driver yells to me “Coauld Iu havie yoiur bags, maiet?”... “What?” I say... “Yo bags” he says again. Well it turns out that Australians speak English but it is very hard to understand if you do not listen closely, at least not with those that have a very strong accent! So that’s what else could be off, we’re in an English speaking country but I got my first lesson in how different dialects really are like!

Day two we get to go to see the Aboriginals and we met a man that has been living off of the land in Australia for his entire life. He taught us how they get animals out of the trees to eat, about the music and much more. Most interesting is that there are over 8 different types of boomerangs, who would have known!?

It turns out the returning boomerang we all know about is made to look like an alfa bird to keep other birds away from their crops. If the birds are near their things they just through out a boomerang and the pests eating their crops leave for a few days. But there are also hunting boomerangs, and even boomerangs that are used under water for fishing! So far the trip has only been two days but it feels like it has been weeks, my body thinks it is night time when it is bright out, there are cars driving at me when I do not expect it, and I am still adjusting to the accents. We are all learning so much in such little time and I am having a blast with some of my best friends in the world. I could not ask for a better trip so far! Now I just cant wait to catch up to the time zone!

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