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Adelaide is the first city we visited in Australia. It is pretty cool because this is where the Aboriginals are. We got a tour around their village area and it was really cool. Jamie was our tour guide, that was only his English name though. He showed us how they used all the resources.

They were very smart with the chemicals in the plants because they made all sorts of medicines and today those chemicals are still used in modern medicine. They also utilized all of their resources to their full potential. Certain trees had about five or more uses to them. I found it really impressive how they lived off the land and figured out super efficient and productive ways of doing it.

They also are the creators of the instrument didgeridoos. That was really cool, it’s a hollow piece of wood from a specific type of tree that you constantly blow into and it creates a really interesting sound. The Aboriginal Village was really interesting I thought, I definitely enjoyed learning about their culture and how they still keep it up today with modern technologies around.

We went to the Peace and Welcome Gardens after lunch. That was okay. It was cool to see the different foods they can grow here as opposed to upstate NY. It is a small garden where they grow crops to represent places all over the world and then give them back to the local community. It is a pretty good idea and a great way to bring the community together.

The last thing we did on the first day was a scavenger hunt. We were put into groups of three and left to fend for ourselves in the area where the Gardens were. At first it was tricky to navigate but it was cool to figure it out on your own and have to use the public transportation to get places. We had three hours to find twenty things. Some were nearly impossible to find but my group managed to find 14 things. It was pretty fun and interesting because you had to talk to the locals to ask questions so it was a great way to get to know the area and interact with the people.

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