My first impression was how Adelaide felt like Florida in New York City...

My first impression was how Adelaide felt like Florida in New York City. If I were to describe it to someone, that’s how I would. At first I was a bit intimidated by the fast moving city life being used to Potsdam and other rural areas in New York. This is way out of my comfort zone. The hotel is really nice and has a classic look to it which I love. I only wish the wifi wasn’t $10 to access for a night.

The aboriginal group tour was fun, even in the rain and humidity. My favorite part of that tour was when he played the didgeridoo. He was really good at it! He was almost beatboxing which was really cool to listen too.

Eating at the Asian food market was interesting. They didn’t take cards so I had to go on a personal scavenger hunt for an ATM. The ramen was well worth the hunt.

Next we went to the Peace and Welcome Garden. This was very relaxing and the people were so nice. You can see the passion when they talk and show us the garden. I love that. They have some really great ideas on how to bring the community together and how to manage the program so it can keep bringing benefits to the community.

The scavenger hunt was scary. Especially starting where we did. When we finally found a bus, it was scary. Tons of school kids were on and I was getting claustrophobic. We were on the bus for an hour, and once we were off, it felt like freedom. The dinner we had I thought was delicious, I would definitely go there again someday.

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