The First Days of Adelaide

On our connecting flight from Sydney to Adelaide I met two younger females who lived in Sydney and were traveling to Adelaide for a conference. As I spoke to them they questioned why we were going to be spending time in Adelaide because they had personally never been there. That didn’t set the bar to high for what to expect as we arrived here.

I was soon turned in the opposite direction when we checked into our hotel rooms, as they were absolutely stunning. From the outside it may look like an older building but the rooms are very spacious with two full bedrooms and bathrooms and over ten foot ceilings.

The trip to the aboriginal center was a rough one on a humid bus in the dark clouds of what is thought to be a very dry country. It is very ironic that the first day in Australia, it decides to rain. I personally did not know what to expect in the aboriginal visit, but it was a surreal experience to learn how knowledgeable they are about the area, the land, the plants, and the people of Australia.

We would have never been able to extract that knowledge from any random Australian on the street. I find it surprising that these essential learning skills are not taught in public schools here in Australia. At the end of the Aboriginal visit it was stunning to hear him play the didgeridoo.

As we wrapped up our visit to the Welcome and Peace Garden, we had a difficult task on our hand. This was to navigate the city of Adelaide with nothing but a public transportation card and a list of 20 items to find. Although the area around the hotel was becoming familiar to us, we were placed in a location about an hour away to find our way.

The scavenger hunt was a difficult task because the bus system was not the easiest to follow. We found a couple of items in the suburbs of Adelaide but then proceeded to jump on the first bus we saw, ask the driver for directions, and continue searching in the more familiar area.

Although we were not able to find all 20 items for dinner time, the hunt forced us to be creative with where to look and how to navigate. At the end of the hunt the dinner was delicious courtesy of the Ormsbees. We were just happy that we were not lost anymore!

Overall first impressions of Adelaide are nothing short of amazing. It finally feels as if 38 hours of travel is paying off.

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