Kangaroo Island was amazing

Kangaroo Island was amazing. I was not very thrilled to have to wake up at 5am and then ride a bus for two hours and follow that up with an hour long ferry ride. However, I found the closer we got to our destination the more excited I got. Most of us hung out on top of the ferry outside, enjoying the fresh air and seeing who could walk the straightest line with the swaying of the boat making us all fail.

When we got to the island we were all pretty surprised that we had yet another bus to ride. This one was different however, it was the one that would be taking us all over the island for the rest of the day. Unfortunately I ended up missing a bit of the driver’s commentary because I have always been the type to be lulled to sleep in moving vehicles.

Seal Bay was pretty much heaven for me. Sea lions and seals are my favorite animal because they are basically the dogs of the sea. Also, they are very majestic and graceful in the water but then the second they get on land they have to belly scooch around and it is the funniest thing to watch.

While there we saw a lot of seals laying out on the sand sunbathing, and we were even lucky enough to see a seal surf in on a wave. He was very confused to see us all there and you could tell he had no idea what to do, after a few minutes of staring at us he scooched quickly down the beach away from us.

We also went to a place where there was a path lined by large trees that had koala doing their best impression of Waldo, if Waldo were taking a nap very high up in a tree that is. Needless to say a few of us had a crick in our neck afterwards.

We also got to see some kangaroos up close at this location. The group has officially decided that kangaroos are just the Australian equivalent of deer. We literally saw one hop across the road in front of a bus like one.

Remarkable rock was a really amazing sight. The way that it has been worn down makes it seem like modern art, if you were allowed to climb on art that is. The view of the ocean from it was breath taking.

There were many stops we made on the tour and each one help a lot of beauty in them. They all seemed like something out of a movie, it’s crazy that nature can create such amazing things on accident and without trying. By the end of the tour everyone was exhausted, but once again it was the good kind of exhausted, the kind were you spent your energy having fun and doing enjoyable things. I’ve started to refer to the group naps we take on buses and planes as sleep overs because we all seem so similar and close when they happen.

Our wine tasting tour was also very fun the next day. I learned a lot more about wine then I thought I ever would. I also learned via the virtual wine maker that some of us are not quite cut out to be wine makers. I’m not the biggest wine drinker so the taste testing was not too crazy interesting from me but I did find that the person leading our tasting was very knowledgeable on pretty much anything wine related that we threw his way.

On our last day in Adelaide we had a free afternoon. I got to take a walk through the botanical gardens with some of the group. They had tons of plants throughout the whole park. There was even an indoor rainforest! My favorite part though was the large section of flowers they had, there were rows upon rows of beautiful flowers there. I know have an inappropriate number of pictures of flowers on my cell phone because of it.

There was some more exploring that was done with a group of people and I went to even more new places that I hadn’t seen yet. I know there is much of the city that I still have not seen, maybe one day I’ll get to come back and explore even more. Even if that is not the case, I still feel like I got a good taste of what Adelaide is like and I look forward to getting to see even more of Australia in the days to come.

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