The last two days in Adelaide are definitely ones to remember!

The last two days in Adelaide are definitely ones to remember! We started with Kangaroo Island, which was absolutely amazing. The day started out very early as we woke up around 5:15am to get on the bus around 6:15am. Once on the bus we started our 1 hour and 45 minute journey to Cape Jervis where the ferry was located. The bus ride to the ferry was very windy which was kind of terrible since I can get motion sickness. I made it out okay and we got to the ferry in Cape Jervis.

Where the ferry was located was really pretty since it was along the rocky coast and the weather was nice. The ferry overall took around 45 minutes. Once we reached the port on Kangaroo Island we got matched up with our bus driver/tour guide, Kevin. Once we left the port, we started our drive into the bush.

Along the way we stopped at places such as Pennington Bay, Remarkable Rocks, Admiral’s Arch, and Seal Bay. Pennington Bay was a lookout area over the coast with some serious cliffs that we stopped at for a few minutes to take a few minutes off from the bus ride. After Pennington Bay, we hopped on the bus for about another 30 minutes to head to Seal Bay. At Seal Bay, we watched the seals along the beach and in the sand dunes sleep with their pups. We learned that seals typically go in the ocean for 3 days on end to find food and once they return they sleep nonstop for a few days. The seals were definitely super cute!

After Seal Bay, we headed to lunch where we got chicken and many types of salad, which were pretty good. After lunch, we went to the see the kangaroos, koalas, and the wallabies. Trying to find all the koalas in the trees was actually pretty challenging since they were pretty camouflage, but we were able to find some! After the koalas we got up close and personal to the kangaroos. We even saw one with a joey in the pouch.

We continued on toward the Remarkable Rocks, which were some amazing naturally formed rocks on top of the cliff overlooking the rocky coastline. I was super excited to have a group picture there. From there we headed to Admiral’s Arch. Admiral’s Arch was by far the prettiest thing I had ever seen in my life. It was a huge naturally occurring arch with the waves crashing in at the bottom. It was very picturesque. There were even seals around sleeping which just made it even better.

From there we made a quick bathroom break and we headed back on the bus to the ferry. Once we got back to Cape Jervis we got back onto the bus for another hour and 45 minutes back to Adelaide. Kangaroo Island was definitely a once and a lifetime experience, which I’m very happy that I got to experience!

We also visited the National Wine Center of Australia. When we first got there we got introduced to our tour guide, Danielle, who showed us all around the wine center. They showed us a huge room where they hold events such as weddings and conferences. We also got to smell the different ingredients in certain types of wine. The wine center also boasted a wine cellar of approximately 12,000 bottles of wine.

After the tour around the center, we were handed over to Declan, the wine tasting expert for our wine tasting. We got to try 3 types of wine. We tried a white wine, a rosè, and a red wine. Out of all 3 the rosè was definitely my favorite. Afterwards, we got to look around at all the other wines you could try/buy. I ended up sampling a different type of wine, which I liked enough to buy a bottle of. I was really happy to have been able to do the wine tasting because it gave us a better understanding of the wine industry in Australia and how big it really is.

Overall, Adelaide was a really good time. I talked to a few locals about how it was considered more of a bigger town compared to a city. I was able to see what they meant for sure but I feel as though it was still a great sized city. I found that a lot of the locals were super nice, friendly and willing to help you. I think my favorite thing about Adelaide was the tour of Kangaroo Island, but only since it was just so breathtaking. I’m so excited to see what Melbourne has to offer! Bring it on!

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