Overall, I believe Adelaide is definitely a good choice for future trips.

The last day we were here a group of just walked around the city. I am looking forward to the other cities because although this was the smallest city it was definitely easy to keep busy.

My favorite part of the trip in Adelaide, like everyone else's I'm sure was the Kangaroo Island tour. I originally did not realize that it was going to be more of a bus tour. My original impression was that we were going to be dropped off at the ferry and we would just be walking around the island. However, the sightseeing on this trip was absolutely gorgeous.

I thought it was crazy that an island that big had only a population half the size of Potsdam. The scenery we saw on the stops on the bus tour was definitely the most beautiful I have ever seen. Of course, we all came to Australia to see Kangaroos and Koalas. All of got some awesome pictures and it was awesome to see these animals in person. Also, I did not expect to see sea lions which was an awesome surprise. I did not realize how huge they were, especially being 300 kilos. Some of us even saw a baby seal that came in surfing the waves right before we left so that was awesome.

The wine center was also quite an amazing sight. I didn't realize how in depth everything was from making the wine, to storing it, and everything varying from the bottle it's in to the cork the keeps it closed. I personally am not a wine connoisseur but it was interesting to listen to the guy talk about it all. My favorite part of the wine tasting was the crackers they gave us with the wine.

After the wine tour, a group of us decided to just take the thirty minute walk back to the hotel to enjoy the weather. We decided to get Chinese food for lunch which was quite an interesting experience. There seemed to be an endless sequence of events that left most of laughing more than eating our lunch.

After we waited for our check for 30 minutes we all walked around for the rest of the night but then went back to someone's room. We all sat and talked for a couple hours before we decided to split up and pack because we had to get up so early in the morning.

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