A different flavor of Australia

Melbourne - a very different city than Adelaide, is giving the students an opportunity to experience the eclectic nature of the culture in Australia. Adelaide, as described by most of the locals, was more of a small town than a city. Melbourne however is a very culture filled city that boasts world famous graffiti alleys, a very vibrant off-street retail and vendor culture, and is often touted as the culinary capital of Australia (although I bet the other cities in Australia would argue that point!).

Our visit so far has had the students visit with the COO of the Victorian Chamber of Commerce for a discussion on the types of services the Chamber provides its members and other local businesses, a visit to DiBella Coffee Roasters Melbourne for a coffee bean roasting demo and discussion of various home coffee brewing techniques along with a nice lunch, complete a scavenger hunt (which most will write about being so VERY long to walk around - even though they all have full passes for any public transportation in their pockets!), a tour of the Toyota assembly plant, a visit to the US Consulate office to meet with their economic development team, and a ghost tour of the Old Melbourne Gaol (jail). We have been busy to say the least.

On the docket for today (Wednesday here) is a visit with GE, a tour of the Melbourne Cricket Grounds, and then a tour of the Carlton Brewery where the world famous "Foster's" beer and Perroni (yes, it is actually owned by an Aussie brewing company!) is brewed followed by a dinner at the brewery cafe.

More posts and pictures from the students to follow as soon as we have a few free minutes to get them posted!! Stay tuned...

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