A busy few days in Melbourne!

Melbourne certainly did pan out to be a very different city than Adelaide. The students experienced a variety of cultural experiences - from high-end foods to alley-way restaurants (that are VERY nice I might add!), to tastefully done graffiti that adorns the walls of those alleys.

Our visit with GE was awesome. Our host, Martin Kennedy, was so gracious in taking an hour out of his day to talk with us and is very knowledgeable about GE's operations in Australia. He talked about how GE is able to leverage talent from all over the world to collaborate on various projects - things like "smart streetlights" that include camera technology for security. He also talked a bit about why GE sold off their home appliance division and GE Money. The students asked great questions and we had to cut off the questions so we could make it to our next appointment, the tour of the Melbourne Cricket Grounds!

Our tour of the MCG was awesome. This is a very historical organization that housed US servicemen and women while they were serving in World War 2! It boasts seating for 100,000 people and has hosted a variety of world-class competitions, such as the 1956 Olympics and the Cricket World Cup!

Our last evening in Melbourne had us touring the Carlton Brewery. While we couldn't sample Foster's in its home (our group last year had the opportunity to sample Foster's from the last keg of it ever tapped in Australia!), we did enjoy an awesome tour of their operations, several other brews, and had a nice dinner. The students really enjoyed seeing the plant in operation as the bottles were cleaned, filled, capped, pasteurized, labeled and boxed - all at a mind boggling rate.

All in all, it seems the students enjoyed Melbourne. Sydney will be another entirely different experience from that! Stay tuned for more stories from Melbourne and Sydney over the next couple of days!

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