Our last full day in Melbourne

The group was extremely busy on our last full day in Melbourne. We started the day off by taking the tram to a meeting outside of the city with General Electric. I was very excited to meet with the pronoun company and learn more about what they have to offer. After waiting in the lobby for what seemed to be an eternity for the meeting to start, we made our way upstairs the rather impressive building to a large conference room.

The guy talking with us started off our meeting by asking what came to mind when we thought of the company GE? We went around the circle and all stated our views, I said that when i think of GE, I think of a monopoly that contributes to a lot of different sectors. After talking with the employee, I was surprised to see how saturated in different businesses the company really was. They're involved in anything from jet engines, to medical equipment, to mining and oil, to trains and financing. The guy talking to us was very informative, he seemed to know a little bit about everything and had a very interesting come up story. After our fairly quick meeting with GE we grabbed delicious smoothies and panini’s and headed back to the tram. We then took the tram to the Melbourne Cricket Grounds.

I had heard about the famous cricket grounds in the past and was excited tor the tour. I didn't realize that a sport stadium was going to be so large, this place could seat up to 100,000 guests depending on the popularity of the match. We first started by walking onto the field, the grass was freshly cut and looked like it was maintained extremely well. We then walked up the stairs to the second floor where we got to look at some of the historical artifacts that told stories about the games of rugby and cricket and how they were first introduced to Australia. We walked around and saw restaurants and private members quarters, it was all very interesting. Becoming a member is a very expensive and complicated process and in some cases it can take up to a quarter century to become a member.

We then took the elevator down to the basement where we were taken into the press room and the locker rooms. The equipment and facilities were only a little better than those of the Clarkson men's lacrosse team (joke). After the tour ended, I proceeded to the gift shop to pick up souvenirs for friends and family.

We then had some time to grab food and relax before the Carlton Brewery tour. This tour was awesome! Probably one of my favorite things we've done so far mostly because I'm such a big fan of beer. Although Im such an advocate of beer and I know some of the process of how the beer is brewed, I didn't know a lot so thins tour answered a lot of questions I had. The tour ended with a tasting of 6 of their beers and dinner. My favorite beer had to have been the unpasteurized signature Carlton just because it was to fresh and delicious.

As a whole, I liked Melbourne, it was a step up from Adelaide and possessed a lot of the characteristics that a city in the United would have. Public transportation was easy to use and operate and the city was clean and safe. I would definitely go back to Melbourne.

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