So Long Melbourne

Melbourne has been another amazing experience on the grand scheme of the Australian journey. We have now completed two cities and will be moving on to the third and final city, Sydney. Melbourne had so much to offer to us while we were here and we were able to pack in informative yet exciting activities that suited everyone’s liking. The city itself was a fast pace, diverse experience to encounter in Australia. To wrap up the trip we were able to visit General Electric, tour the Melbourne Cricket Grounds, and have the privilege of learning about the Carlton Brewery.

Our visit to General Electric started a bit late, but nonetheless was intriguing hearing from a successful employer who supports Clarkson the way GE does. The visit started with hearing a bit about the different sectors that GE supports and how diverse the company is as a whole. It is shocking how many different tangible things in the world involved some sort of GE technology or product. The main takeaway you could discover from listening was that GE was completely shifting away from business to consumer innovations to staying on track of business-to-business relationships. Also the two new start-ups that GE has created were unbelievable technology that GE has shifted their focus to. I would be interested in learning more about them and finding out if it is possible to be apart of the future growth.

As a group we rushed out of the GE meeting to make our way to the Melbourne Cricket Grounds in order to complete a full tour of the stadium. I had no idea what to expect as we arrived at the stadium. I did not expect to be in such a large stadium, especially the largest in Australia. I was mind-blown when the tour guide told us the stadium has the ability to hold almost 100,000 spectators for any given game. The history of the stadium really stood out to me because of the 1956 Olympics that were held there. Everything we were able to see was modern state of the art and was kept very cleanly. Some of the pictures I was able to capture throughout the tour were breath taking and I cannot even imagine what the atmosphere is like during a game.

Our last activity in the city of Melbourne was the Carlton Brewery tour and tasting. I am not a fan of beer at all to be honest, but to able to learn how it is brewed is a very interesting experience. I had no idea the plant would be the size that it was; I was expecting a much smaller scale. I feel as if I say this for every event we have taken part in, but the tour guide was once again very knowledgeable and easily answered the questions being asked.

At the end we were served dinner and I was able to have a glass of their hard apple cider on tap. Dinner was absolutely delicious and the dining room was gorgeous. Every business or tour we have participated in has been very neat and tidy with few blemishes to be found. The Australian trip has been a success so far and we have yet to make it to the most exciting city. I am ready to tackle what Sydney has to offer and explore the many experiences we will entail.

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