The Old Melbourne Gaol

The Old Melbourne Gaol has an unfair advantage over any other place we have went to for me. Even though I am a total scaredy-cat, I love being scared and creeped out. Plus I adore history and that place was full of it, as tragic and dark as it might be. It was really cool to stand in the dark together with the group and hear all of the scary stories. If only there had been a campfire for us all to roast marshmallows around.

After the GE visit it was further confirmed for me that it is truly an impressive company. They have such a wide reach and large variety of business areas that they are involved in. The representative that meet with us went around the room to see what each of us associated with GE and it was interesting to see that not too many of them very exactly the same thing. For me the most interesting part was learning about the cooperation across all the global branches they have that they have, I find it great that the company isn’t afraid to reach out to other locations and use all the different resources they have available through each other.

The Melbourne Cricket Grounds was a very cool visit. I don’t know why but I wasn’t anticipating how large the stadium would be. I’ve done a lot of tours of the Olympic training buildings over in Lake Placid so it reminded me a bit of them. My favorite little fact about the stadium that I remember from the tour is that they have a single yellow chair that is moved around in the stadium that is placed wherever the furthest hit ball has landed in the stand (as in whenever a new record far is hit the move it). The tour guide we had was actually a 50 year member of the Melbourne Cricket Club which currently has a 35 year waiting list! It actually seems a bit crazy of a concept to me, but I guess if you are passionate about sports it would be a cool thing to be a part of.

The visit to the Carlton Brewery was a fun little adventure. It was another tour that showed the progress of a product from start to finish. We got to see what all the different ingredients that go into the beer look like along with the tanks that the beer gets brewed in. We also were able to see the machines and processes that are used for bottling. The tour ended with some taste testing and dinner which both really hit the spot. It was interesting to see how similar their set up is to Anheuser-Busch, whose brewery I toured last October. It actually turns out that Carlton was bought by them about four months ago!

I’m going to miss the tram system over in Melbourne. It was the first time I had ever used that means of transportation but it was pretty easy and efficient. Traveling around always makes me a bit twitchy so having modes of transportation I am comfortable with is always an added bonus. I won’t miss riding the trains at all, they are probably one of my least favorite forms of transportation.

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