2017 MBA East Meets West Trip - Hello Sydney!!

Hello Sydney! Our group arrived on Sunday around 12:30 p.m. We finally arrived at our hotel and got checked in around 3:30 and set out to explore the city. Everyone went in different directions and explored various sites and areas. The group that went with myself and Professor MacKinnon walked down along Darling Harbour and took a ferry under the Harbour Bridge and over to Circular Quay - the location of the world famous Sydney Opera House.

It seems almost surreal to be able to float between two of the most well-known and most recognizable man-made structures in the world!

On Monday, we toured the ANZ Olympic Stadium. This is an amazing structure that was build in 30 months - far earlier than the projected project completion date - and under budget! We learned on the tour that this is the Olympic venue that was profitable. The continue to host numerous sporting events as well as some major musical performers. Over the past week, Adele and Justin Bieber both performed her... and according to our tour guide, Adele was amazing while Bieber (or "Biebs" as they call him here) was simply rude and li--synced his whole performance! When the group heard that, they jumped in excitement!

Next was the scavenger hunt. The students were tasked with finding an eclectic variety of venues and answer a riddle or question. Along the way, they are required to talk to some locales for help, take some pictures, and come up with a title for the picture and a brief story. They did awesome! They will be submitting photos within the next day or two and I will post some when they come in.

Next up was the Opera House tour. Our tour Guide, Chris, was amazing. This young man is so passionate and knowledgeable about the Opera House - it is infectious. His accent and mannerisms reminded us of the character "Sherlock Holmes" in the TV show "Elementary"!

After our tour we made our way to the Pyrmont Bridge Hotel, a strange little corner pub/restaurant. We bought the students some dinner and set about the task of deciding the winners. Oddly enough, everyone turned out to be a winner and received a few small mementos the trip. Everyone was bushed after the dinner so we returned to the hotel...

Up for tomorrow is a visit the IBM Australia (the Watson Team), a quick lunch, a visit the Sydney Trains control center. and a then an all-you-can-eat meal comprised primarily of meat at the Braza Brazilian Steak House.

Stay tuned for more pictures as they are sent in..

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