IBM, A Fire Drill, and Coffee...

Today's adventure started with a visit to the IBM location in St. Leonard's.

Their offices span as high as the 13th floor - and what a beautiful view of the city from across the harbour.

Our tour guides were two full-time inters both studying for their Masters Degrees (in HR and Business) at local "unies". Both of them told us their program was 3 years - which made our students feel a little better about their time at Clarkson! We then spoke with one of their team leads about the types of things IBM is doing in Australia and with Watson. Simply amazing stuff!

Next we nmade our way to DiBella Coffee Roasters for a quick discussion about how REAL coffee is made (not that sugary water we drink in the US!). The gentleman who spoke with us is the former DiBella Barista Trainer for all of Australia. DiBella recently won several competitions for the best tasting espresso in Australia making them #1! After our talk, we have the opportunity to sample some espresso and a coffee drink before having an excellent gourmet lunch. Our host, Paggie, recently purchased this locations. She is a very hands on owner.manager helping the wait staff to take orders, deliver food, and to make sure we had everything we wanted....

Up next for tonight is our dinner at Braza, the Brazilian Steakhouse in Darling Harbour. The students on the Italy trip THOUGHT they were on the foodie trip, but we might have them beat! On the ALL YOU CAN EAT menu tonight are a variety of beef cuts, lamb, crocodile sausage, kangaroo, shrimp, scallops, and the list goes on. I hope they have a couch to nap on when we are done... Professor MacKinnon believes we will all have, as he calls it, the "meat sweats" when we are done.

Stay tuned for pictures of "MBA East Meets West Meatathon 2017"...

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