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Today, Wednesday, we had an extremely interesting visit to the American Chamber of commerce in Sydney. We were hosted by the general manager Robert Hossary. He is a very interesting person, very knowledgeable about American and Australian commerce, and lots of personal anecdotes. We discussed many topics about Australian business and products, and the discussion was over a cup of tea provided by his assistant Sarah (not the Sarah from class). We learned a lot about Australia’s industries and the idea of Testing Marketing Australia has.

Mr. Hossary told us that testing market is for subclass 457. Employers who want to access subclass 457 might test the local labor market to make sure that there is no Australian citizen or resident can fill the position. The population is a good microcosm of many larger western nations, includes United States, but small enough that no one knows if it fails. We also talked about how hard to start business in Australia. Many Australians give up on it. The government doesn’t give support, the business environment is weak, and lots of restrictions on top of it. Normal foreigners also can’t survive their business here. It’s such a loss for the country to lose intellectual talents. I have encountered many Australian students in the past, who want to be entrepreneurs. Due to all the hurdles I doubt they would choose their own country to start their businesses. Nonetheless, Australia has the topnotch technologies in many different areas. For example, they have the Chip Card since the 1990s, and it became popular in the states only recent couple of years. Robert was an interesting and funny guy, who has present to us lots business stuff going on in Australia, and cool ideas as well. It’s such a good visit.

After that, we visited the Australian Central Train Station. It was pretty interesting to go behind the scenes. I was impressed to see so many different trains and routes were all coordinated very well. As the duty manager explained to us, trains are on times and well over supervised by employees. They have a “wow” board which has every train depicted on it, including if there is any delays, and the reasons. The lights on it shows the degree of delays, with more lights means the delay is longer than certain minutes. We also discussed the security on the train and in the station including terrorism. Also the liability of the employees choosing a re-route might cause delay or injure passengers, or anything might lead to litigation. My first impression of getting on Sydney train was like wow, it’s much better than the train in New York City, that I have taken the train there about 10 years. After the tour, I feel safe on board because I know we are on good hands while riding on Sydney train here.

Yesterday, on Tuesday, we visited IBM Sydney branch, it was impressive as I thought it was. Our tour guides Aimee and Hannah are super nice. They are new to the company, and they are very passionate about the company and their job. IBM has a great company culture, as we all knew already. Our host James Gallichan is the company leader in cognitive process service in both Australia and new Zealand. IBM as always, always has the ability to invent new products and solutions that impact the world. Be honest, I have been longing to work there for a while.

Right after IBM, we visited DiBella Coffee Roasting place in Sydney. It’s a nice restaurant with original roasted coffee. I have been drinking coffee for quite a while although I am not a heavy coffee drinker. When we got there, the table was ready for us, the coffee maker on top of it. I got excited from the moment I saw it. Our host had about 20 years of coffee making experience. He explained to us the process from taking coffee beans to a tasty coffee came out. It was really good to know that DiBella cooperates with farmers to make sure high quality product. But sadly, he didn’t demonstrated anything, so we were not able to see a live roasting process, which I expected. I really expected to see how the coffee beans are roasted, and to what degree, so we can get different flavor of coffee. But I can’t deny it was interesting discussion the caffeine making topics related. We also got a coffee sample to test, it was great but I felt a little bit too strong for me. They also offered us a delicious meal. I got pasta, and other got burger, sandwich, etc. I was surprise that a coffee store serve these type of foods. I loved the visit.

That night, we had dinner in a Brazilian steakhouse. Unbelievable, they had all these wild animal meat, such as crocodile, kangaroo, etc. I really liked the kangaroo meat so much, which tasted a little like beef, but more tasty. The crocodile sausage I spit out once I had a bite, which were all while meat and taste like pork. I am allergic to pork, period. But except the pork related food, I enjoyed all of them. They kept bring the food till we were all full like balloons.

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