What a picturesque city Sydney is!

What a picturesque city Sydney is. It’s two most famous landmarks lie only 1.7 miles from one another via roadway, and are even closer if the path is drawn by water. Both lie in the midst of Darling Harbour, which is a beautiful metropolitan area on a bay. Right in the midst of the of the U-shaped neighborhood, were aboriginal people trying to sell handmade artifacts in order to generate some income for their families. We bounced around the harbour on a trolley boat for a while before buying groceries for the week to come, and I took pictures all along the way.

  • A view of the Darling Harbour cityscape alongside an old-fashioned sailboat.

In terms of the business visits that we have been on, we are much busier here than we were in Bangkok. Arriving just on Sunday, and at the end of today on Wednesday, we have already visited the ANZ 2000 Olympics Stadium, IBM, Dibella Coffee, the American Chamber of Commerce, Sydney Trains, and we completed an across the city scavenger hunt.

  • The Sydney Opera House

Again just like in Bangkok, we have eaten like kings while on this section of the trip. Just last night we went to an all you can eat Brazilian restaurant named Braza. There must have been 15 different things to eat, that waiters continuously brought out to the table one by one until we literally couldn’t eat anymore. The meal was absurdly large, yet I still found room for three slices of sugar-glazed-baked pineapple.

- The Harbour Bridge with a cruise ship sailing underneath it

We leave on Saturday, which is only 2 more full days away in actuality. Unfortunately enough, I believe that all the things that I want to do while still in Sydney will begin to start cannibalizing each other. Tomorrow after we go to our business visits of Employment Innovations and Cochlear Hearing Implants, part of our group is hopeful to go to both Bondi Beach and a professional rugby game. Additionally while here I would really love to go see an opera at Darling Harbour, go to Paddy’s Market and hike the Blue Mountains. Hopefully it is an action packed last 48 hours and can sleep on the plane when we finish!

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