A really, really big week... and "human stew"...

Anticipation, anxiety, and eagerness; these were the three traits that came to describe my feelings for the week before the Australia trip. This would be a big week for me-most likely one of the most eventful weeks in terms of memorable moments. Ending off my graduation from Clarkson with a trip to Australia was one heck of a way to put an exclamation on a fun, difficult, and emotional college experience.

Reminiscing aside, at the time of writing this blog post I am having a fantastic time – minus the plane rides to get here. The flight left me (and all of us from what I saw) exhausted, sore, and wishing for us to just be there. No I am not talking about the entire trip over just yet – For myself at least, I’m only talking about the Montreal to Vancouver flight… I do not fly very often and good god the combined flight was every bit what I was told to expect. The four hour layover in Vancouver and the multiple connecting flights acted as double-edged swords. On one hand it gave a great opportunity to walk around, eat, drink, and relax, but it also extended the total time quite a bit.

Thankfully, I wasn’t the only one who found this trip to be an ordeal. It’s actually pretty funny what people will talk about at the brink of exhaustion and I’m very glad our group for this trip has some friendly and funny people to take everyone out of the moment.

Our flight from Vancouver to Brisbane (and eventually Brisbane to Cairns) was an exercise in endurance. My original plan was to try to stay awake for the first six hours so my sleep schedule could adjust better to eastern Australia time, but what really happened is I was out cold after the first 45 minutes. It’s a shame I only slept for about 30 minutes as soon as that happened. I repeated that cycle of asleep for 30 minutes, awake for 45 minutes for basically the entire duration of the flight, against my will.

By the time we reached Brisbane we were all in a disgusting state that near 20 hours of flying could only produce. We affectionately dubbed it as a group as “a disgusting mess of human-stew” to give a better picture. Regardless, if this is the worst that this trip will offer – I can’t wait.

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