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Traveling to Australia is quite the journey considering it took us 23 total flying hours to get to Cairns. I have done a lot of flying and traveling in my time, but nothing compares to a 14 hour flight. The best decision I made on that flight was to try and sleep as much as I could, which is no easy feat on a plane. However, I did manage to wake up in time on plane to see the most beautiful sunrise over the Pacific Ocean about an hour or two before we landed in Brisbane. I have flown a lot with my parents for family trips and my previously longest flight to date was 10 hours to Moscow, so 14 hours looked quite daunting, but it actually wasn’t as bad as I had thought it would be.

With the amount of flights that we took to get to Australia, we were also in several airports. What I remember about the Montreal airport unfortunately was the amount of traffic surrounding it and how much construction was going on. The Vancouver airport was beautiful with it’s giant fish tank. The Brisbane airport had really cool furniture that was really modern and clean. In addition, the airport seemed really efficient because the announcers were constantly calling out flights that were leaving and boarding. Another interesting thing about the Brisbane airport was that I saw large commercial airplanes that still have propeller engines. This was really cool for me because you don't see them in the United States at all. Finally, the Cairns airport was super cute and reminded me of the airports that you see in movies when someone lands in a stereotypical tropical place, you could also feel the humidity instantaneously.

In conclusion, I would say that while I wish the journey to Australia was shorter, it is definitely worth it to be able to experience a place that is so different from home. The journey is relatively painless because the layovers in general were pretty short and you always had someone to talk to. Overall, the worst flight is always the first one, but they get better from there as you get used to traveling again. I would definitely recommend that more people seize the opportunity to travel to Australia even though the journey is daunting because everything I have seen and experienced so far has been great.

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