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When it came time to depart for Australia it did not feel real. We traveled a total of 34 hours, which started with a bus ride followed by 3 different flights. We left Potsdam at around 1pm on Monday May 15 headed for Montreal for our first leg of the journey. I have been to Montreal several times, and not once did I make it in under two hours like our bus driver did. Guess there is someone out there that has a lead foot bigger than mine.

The group figured out very quickly that Professor Ormsbee was not kidding when he said we were going to struggle keeping up with him. As soon as we stepped foot off the bus, we didn’t see him until arriving at the gate. The flight from Montreal to Vancouver seemed like the longest flight I have ever taken. In fact, it was the longest flight I have ever taken before getting on to the flight across the Pacific Ocean.

Although the flight felt endless, the views when we were crossing over the Rockies made up for it. I have always wanted to see the mountains in British Colombia, and luckily the cloud cover broke for a few short minutes exposing some snowfields and mountain peaks.

After arriving in Vancouver, we had a four-hour layover which gave us time to prepare for the one of the longest flights in the world. We boarded that flight and began the 14.5-hour journey to Brisbane Australia. I should not have expected anything else but to be placed in the middle seat, just my luck.

After sleeping for 30 minutes, every other 30 mins, walking around the plane more times than I can count, and spilling my drink on Dave mid-sleep the sunrise finally started to creep up behind us. That sunrise was one of the most amazing sunrises I have ever seen, and made that flight half way enjoyable.

We arrived in Brisbane around 7am local time looking, smelling, and feeling like death. But we only had one more short flight and the group was anxious to get to our final destination in Cairns. After getting frustrated with word searches and having some interesting smelling passengers in the close vicinity, we arrived in Cairns and could not be happier. At this moment, it hit me that I am finally in Australia.

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